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Boxing is a popular fitness trend for those wanting to lose weight and get into shape. This fun workout provides cardio strengthing with an upper and lower body workout by using your core to engage and make contact with the bag. This can be extremely effective when it comes to burning calories and toning muscle fiber.

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Self-Defense prepares you for a situation that may bring harm to you. One of the biggest advantages to taking classes is the way it makes you feel afterwards. A lot of people are not confident with the ability to protect themselves. Our purpose is to improve your physical conditioning, reflexes, and awareness of an attack. 

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Kickboxing is a great form of exercise with tons of benefits. It has been known to help with posture, as well as coordination, reflexes, weight loss and muscle tone. Best of all, it continues to burn calories even hours after finishing a workout due to its high-intensity movements. It is a great way to work the entire body and stay fit.

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Weight Loss

Clients are offered customized nutritional plans, supplemental recommendations and free samples to enhance workouts. Programs are generated to accommodate your fitness goals, keeping you accountable. Free body scans and body composition assessments are also provided for all individuals. 

Ready to develop your skills and self-discipline to reach your goals while improving your body and lifestyle?



All our programs are aimed at giving greater self-confidence which helps to deal with any difficult situation you may face.

Weight Loss

Thousands of calories are burned during workouts and your innate eating signals get more controlled.


Our classes will teach you all the needed fighting aspects and techniques to defend yourself reasonably. 


As you age, your body loses its flexibility. Constant training improves your motion and balance while developing flexibility.

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Emily Heliotis-Olsen

“I have had Josh as my trainer for several months and have noticed a definite change in my body for the better! The one on one time is great especially since I have back problems and he is flexible depending on my ability level that day. He is always thinking of new and creative ways to "torture" me and push me to my limits and the self defense lessons have really been a comfort to me and my family!”