Joshua Balok is an enthusiastic motivating and inspiring young personal trainer.  Through his 14 years in the fitness industry he feels as though he has a lot to give back and with him coming into a professional peak he believes its his time to give back to others with sharing his experiences and knowledge.


Best Personal Trainer Finalist

- Austin Chronicle 2017

Joshua Balok

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I truly enjoy the workouts at IMPACT! There are many things I Love about this gym. I love the trainers, especially, Josh. This is a very intense class! When I first started I was very weak in my wrist, Josh quickly shared with the whole class for about 1 minute how to strength our wrist which important with all the exercises we do.

Cayce O

Josh Balok's expertise in mixed martial arts training is two fold. Having extensive experience in the United States Naval Academy, Josh understands the finer points of achieving phenomenal cardiovascular conditioning and physical strength. Furthermore, he knows how to fuse this fitness into a fighter specific regiment. Second, he is an excellent wrestling technician… His combinations of chokes, holds, and grabs could be of great aid to any fighter (novice or experienced). Finally, Josh is a hard working, and fun guy to be around. I would recommend his training services to anyone looking to improve.

Ann C

Hands down the best gym I’ve ever been to, of any kind. Josh, Geo, and Tyler are excellent teachers and motivators to get you to be the best you can be. It’s a non-intimidating environment and you’re sure to leave each class a better person in mind and body


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Carmen H.

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“Best personal training session in Austin” - Amy F.

“Greatest training session I ever had” - John G.

“Motivates me to push harder”- Christina T.

“Very dedicated to help me reach my goals” - Emily A.

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