CIF Wrestling Placement and Runner UP
2 x Golden Glove Champion (Boxing)Black Belt Awarded in 2009 (Black Belt Certification Teaching Program) Premiere Martial Arts2012-2015 MMA Boxing Gym Head Trainer Austin Fit Magazine2015 2nd Place Best Trainer in Austin Fit Magazine

Who is Joshua Balok?


Seeing the benefit of strenuous activity and the benefit of intense cardiovascular activity in my wrestling career throughout high school and college I was able to overtake my severe asthma illness which had caused me to be hospitalized many times as well as being put on respirators and other breathing apparatuses.

I love being a personal trainer because I know it works to bring about a better sense of wellness and happiness in everyones life I that I touch becoming more of an inspiration and sense of stability for my clients. I can say on an experienced level that every time I work with someone I do my best to help that individual in every phase of their life  whether it is emotionally or spirituality as well as physically. Thank you for awarding me the great honor of Austin's Best Fitness Trainer I promise to always make you proud and can't wait to work with you. 

Joshua Balok

Personal Training

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